St. Patrick's Day Parade Organization of Surfside Beach

St. Patrick’s Day Parade
Entrants’ Rules and Regulations

The ever-increasing size of our parade has necessitated our implementing certain rules and regulations.  We have set forth these rules to insure the safety of everyone involved - participants and spectators alike.  Please adhere to these rules stringently.  If you fail to adhere to these rules, you may be asked to leave the parade grounds.

  1. Please stay where you are until Security puts you into the lineup.

  2. Once the parade is underway, please keep a safe distance from the entry in front of you, but keep moving.  Please do not stop while the parade is progressing forward.

  3. Do not throw anything from the rear of your parade entry.  This action causes grave safety issues for the parade spectators.

  4. Do not “hand” anything to the spectators from the side of your entry.  Toss items far enough to keep the crowds at a safe distance from the vehicle.  The practice of throwing your goodies a safe distance from the vehicle will ensure that the crowd will move back if that is where they will be catching the best loot.

  5. Absolutely no fires or barbeque pits are allowed on the floats or pulled behind vehicles in the parade.

  6. All entrants are required to remain in the parade procession until the parade concludes at City Hall.  The practice of dropping out early leaves too much potential for large “gaps” in the parade procession.  Traffic tends to enter into the procession and/or traffic tends to cross the roadways, causing a real danger.

  7. Entries cannot exceed twelve (12) feet in height or thirty-six (36) feet in length.  Please keep in mind that the parade route has several street corners that floats/entries must safely maneuver.

  8.  If you have music on your float, we ask that you keep it at a reasonable level and that you turn it off during the announcements before the parade begins.  If you do not comply, we will ask you to leave the parade grounds.

  9. Do not sell any alcohol off your float (or any other entry).  We will have a police officer ticket you, and you will be required to leave the parade grounds for unlawful selling of alcohol.

  10. All pets are to be on a leash and under master’s control.  Allowing you and your pet into the staging area will be at the sole discretion of the committee members.

  11. Do not affix and/or display any political advertising, stickers, posters, handouts/flyers, handbills, or billboards to any of the parade entries.  Furthermore, do not print or affix campaign slogans or statements to clothing that anyone in the parade or staging area is wearing.
  12. A person with a valid driver's license must be the only operators of motorized vehicles in the parade.

  13. ​No hoverboards, skateboards, or walkers will be allowed in the parade.  This is for everyone's safety and will help keep the gaps in the procession closed. ​

Thank you for your participation in the parade.
Please ENJOY!  
If you drink, don’t drive.